Monday, July 18, 2005

I heart Russia!

So...I haven't even been back from Russia for a whole week and I so desperately miss it. It was by far the most incredible experience of my life. It gave me a heart for missions that I never truly had before. My idea of God just exploded and my relationship with Him is closer than ever. God has seriously done some awesome things in my life and I feel truly blessed that I was given the opportunity to share His light and love with those in Russia. I want to go back so badly next year and I won't let myself make any excuses to not go. I want you all to go to Russia too-then we can share the awesome experience. Some awesome things about Russia:
1-the metro rocks my face off(a drunk guy fell on me at 9 am-can i say delight?)
2-pirates are everywhere
3-jean on jean is a disease in Russia-pray for them!
4-so much history in every place you go-it make me sad that America is such a baby country
5-their cell phones are ridiculous-cooler then anything we'll probably have for 10 years
Oh I could go on forever! Right now I'm housesitting/babysitting for the hell beasts. Praise the Lord though I have gotten some sweet relief by swimming with such delightful companions as the Tyler's and soon to be Black's. I am so thankful for my amazing friends here in Redding! I hope you are all having an amazing Summer!