Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Praise the Lord-Hallelujah!(a light shine downs from heaven)

MY FALL SEMESTER IS DONE!!!! This definitely was my day from hell...well the beginning. My day started out at 8am with a 12 page Grammar final. If that doesn't sound fun...well it wasn't so that's why. But my Grammar prof gave us candy canes before our test, so that half way through that hell we could poke our eyeballs out with them. After that, I had to attend about an hour in my drama class-cause the final was cancelled thanks to the power of a student's voice-and I was instantly made aware of how socially handicap Simpson kids are. When asked what fun thing we would be doing this one particular girl who should have kept this embaressing moment to herself said"I'll probably be finishing my Civil War Ball Gown." Now you might be asking yourself why in the world would someone do this-because that is what I thought. She explained that she wanted to be prepared in case she one day was in a re-enactment or maybe one day if they make a time machine and by chance she is invited to a ball-she will be prepared. She didn't say the last part, I made that up. After that I had a 4 page front and back Shakespeare final, and after that an 8 page front and back C.S. Lewis final. So needless to hands hurt real bad after all this. But to bring joy back to my day, we had our annual Refuge leader appreciation dinner tonight at Yuet(?)Bistro. So yummy. After me and Ericka went shopping and then watched some Elf cause everyone else went to see Narnia. Well, I better get to bed I'm exercising with Ericka in the a.m and then I have a meeting at the church! Have a beautiful day you beautiful people! Oh you should all check out this awesome website that my Russian students makes me smile---

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

So much to little time!

I thought I had to work at 3 today, and just realized I'm not working til I thought I would pass the time on this. Theatre professor promised us at the beginning of the year that if we spend a whole day in Ashland(listening to panels, lectures, seeing plays) then we wouldn't have to take the final. We all made sure that she was positive about this, so I and numerous other students believed this promise and spent money we didn't have to miss a whole day of classes. Well last week she tells us that she changed her mind and we really do have to do this final assignment which is a GANGLOAD of work. I have to memorize all these lines and other lame stuff. My favorite professor/advisor Philippian told me that I need to go talk to the chair of the English department because students have sued and won in cases just like mine. I'm kind of nervous, but I'm so angry too--I want her to keep her promise. Beyond learning lines for that class where I play a wife who comes back to find her best friend(played by Karley) instantly moved in as soon as she left. It's a really emotional play-and I'm not good at acting. Plus I'm supposed to have this like intimate embrace with this guy in my class who was WAY too okay with this scene when we talked about it. The prof said we should give each other backrubs to prepare for our roles...okay hell no! On top of that I'm making a Shakespeare video this weekend and play the King of the Fairies in A Midsummer Night's Dream. It's a whole lot of acting-not looking forward to that. Beyond all the work though-life is pretty great. My parents are being fabulous. It's like ever since they're going to buy me all this stuff for Christmas they're my best friends. I'm not sure why...but I'm enjoying it. It's so funny cause I never even asked for anything for Christmas, I never usually ask for anything in particular-cause I never know what I want. And I absolutely LOVE surprises!!! I'm just happy for the Season and remembering what an amazing gift of love and sacrifice God gave me through Jesus!