Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Socialism what?!?!!?

So...pretty much everyday I've been reading and researching about socialism. I don't even know where this passion is coming from, but it's pretty exciting so I'm going with it. I would probably call myself more of a moderate socialist. When I've told some friends about possibly being a communist/socialist...there are gasps and "no ways." I think that these are naive reactions. I am merely agreeing with a school of thought which promotes equality and the betterment of all men, not just the rich upperclass. And the more I learn about socialism/communism the more I start to learn about Russian history and the Russian mindset in general. All good information to be aware of for my next trip to Russia in the Summer. I seriously CANNOT wait for the trip this year!I talk with friends who went last year almost everyday, and the excitement and anticipation is escalating. Learning is feeding me right now, probably like it never has before. I believe the spark that started it all is my Milton class. John Milton was a genius like no other. Some may even say that he was "a serial intellectual rapist", that is an actual quote from my class. If you haven't read Paradise Lost yet, do it!You're life will never be the same! At least read his poem "On Shakespeare" he pretty much murders all the other poets who attempted to do the same!