Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tattle Tales 2.0

The past few weeks have utterly confused me as a human being. I've seen kids say and do things that couldn't be further from normal human behavior. I will give you an example of this so that you may ponder with me. Last week we had mid terms with all of our high school and middle school students. To prepare for this, the kids worked on study guides in all of their classes.
*Side Story: To protect the identity of my students, I shall refer to them as twin #1 and twin #2. you should be aware that twin #1 obviously stole all of twin #2's nutrients in the wound. this had rendered twin #2 to be somewhat neanderthal-like*
So, as twin #1 and twin #2 are going to my friend Kate's class, they are all informed to take out their study guides. But, alas, twin #2 did not have his study guide. well, to twin #2's horror, twin #1 shouts to his teacher "twin #2 doesn't have his study guide because he peed on it!" To this horrifying news, twin #2 shouts "mom said that you weren't allowed to tell anybody about that!" and then off course breaks into tears.
Now, I wondered and still do...how does one accidentally pee on their study guide? I can't imagine it being anywhere near the toilet. Or maybe he peed on his backpack, but how would that happen either?
Maybe I'll just never understanding the inner workings of a 6th grade boy...and that is in no way a complaint!