Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Want to waste your life? I have 3 words for you: Lifetime Movie Network. I blame my roommate for this, as I came home to her watching this god forsaken channel the other night. I'm not really sure what sucks me into these made for tv flicks? It's certainly not the acting. And it can't even be the writing, which is just awful. There must be some sort of force field that Lifetime creates...which sucks you in once you turn it on and you can't escape.

From watching only 3 Lifetime movies I have discovered 3 things: I wish I was Amish, I'm scared of being murdered on a river and I seriously question our judicial system. I have no clue why I allow myself to watch this filth. It's embarrassing. But, watch I must! It wouldn't be so bad if it were like the old days when Lifetime sporadically placed their movies in between talk shows and other estrogen filled programs. However, now there is a channel that is Lifetimes movies ALL day long, EVERY day!!! What is a gal to do? Wish me luck as I attempt to move past that despicable network the next time I channel surf.

Friday, May 06, 2011

The Woman Who Walked Into Doors

I recently found this poem I had written a couple of years back which was inspired by the novel of the same title written by Roddy Doyle. This is not necessarily based on anything autobiographical. Just wanted to make that point clear. The novel was truly inspiring and left me no other choice, but to translate how I felt into a poem. Enjoy.

The Woman Who Walked Into Doors

Where did you get that black eye?
I walked into a door.
How did you break your leg?
I fell down the stairs.
How did you break two ribs?
Wouldn't you know...I slipped and fell in the kitchen.
And the cigarette burns on your arm?
You know me...just being careless.

How did you REALLY get the black eye?
I wouldn't make his coffee.
And your leg?
I didn't love him enough.
Your broken ribs?
I loved him too much.
The cigarette burns?
Just to put me in my place.

If I only could keep my mouth shut
If I could only be more of what he wanted
...if I could only escape.
Maybe when the blood dries, I can sink below the pain.
I don't even know who I am anymore.
Days and weeks blur together until they become months and years.
I am nothing without him, he reminds me of this as he picks me up off the floor.
And he is nothing without me...he does this because he loves me.
I avoid mirrors in the hallway...the blistered and bruised face reminds me...
I am the woman who walks into doors...nothing else.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Nerd Alert!

There are few authors that can pen words so overwhelming that you have to digest their true meaning, as one might digest an elaborate Thanksgiving dinner. Breaking down each sentence and each thought, until they become your own contemplations. Breaking down each phrase into words that hold meaning. Words that tease. Words that please. Words that cause introspection. Words that make you nervous to even continue on.

There are only two authors which hold this status for me: Chuck Palahniuk and Roald Dahl. If anyone has read either of these authors, you will come to find that they are quite similar in nature. Although Dahl was a Brittish children's author best known for books such as "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and "Matilda", while Palahniuk is known for dark, shameful humor such as "Fight Club" and "Haunted", both have a keen sense of making one question their own thoughts.

I've been reading both author's short stories collections, "The Roald Dahl Omnibus" and "Stranger than Fiction." In the very first short story written by Dahl, I had to check the front cover because it was so similar to the style and humor of so many Palhniuk's novels I have read in the past. I urge anyone who's interested in reading something with real depth to check out either novel. In fact, just read anything by either author...you will not be dissapointed. Although, do not read if you are faint of heart. I mean...Dahl starts his work with a gambler who convinces people to let him chop off their fingers if they lose a bet with him. And as for Pahlaniuk....I can't even mention his storylines without feeling the need to censor. Well, it's late and this has become rambling. Happy reading all!