Sunday, December 13, 2009


Overall, I would have to say that this holiday is going splendidly well. I just finished my first week at my new job...and it's amazing. It's so great to have a passion for animals and have a job that really plays that out in a profound way. To feel like I'm making a difference in the overpopulation of the pet community as well as helping to decrease euthanasia due to over-crowding in the shelters is the best ever! I'm a pretty lucky gal that I get to be surrounded by people that are just as passionate about animals and animal welfare as I am. I know that makes me a crazy hippie animal lover, but I don't care!!!

Also, I was able to really "stick it to the man", by winning my little battle with the corporate demon that is known as Banfield, the Pet Hospital. Due to the fact that the current office manager is a complete tool bag, him and I had some misunderstandings and ill feelings towards one another, I was able to get an extra 4 full days of pay on my last pay check. What's funny is, I didn't even go in my last 3 days of work. It's funny how one person's voice, backed up by the California Labor Commissioner can really leave some corporate idiots shaking in their boots.

Last night was my first Holiday Party of the season, and needless to say it was one that won't soon be forgotten. I'm so happy I was able to hang out with my friend Alicia before she leaves me for the East Coast. We had an eventful night that was full of laughs, confused men and lots of stories to fill up our diaries with. haha. It's interesting to me how different hoidays become as we grow into adulthood. When you're a child, holiday parties are full of cookies, presents, santa and snowmen. When you're an adult, holiday parties are full of booze, usually some kind of "ugly sweater" theme, awkward drunken dancing and more booze. But, I digress.

Today, truly reminded me of what is important about the holidays. Family and Friends. The past few years, I find myself looking forward to Christmas Day for the fact that my family can all be together in one place. We all have yummy food and I look forward to seeing people open up the presents that I gave to them. Nothing is better than getting the perfect present for someone you love. I can't wait for Christmas and closing out the end to another year. I'm counting on 2010 to be a little gentler to me. I hope everyone else is enjoying the holidays and catching the cheer of the season.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


I feel like I haven't updated this blog in forever. And I also feel like the last time I blogged I talked about leaving my last job, and not I'm leaving my current job as well. Does this make me a quitter? Quitting two jobs in one year is definitely a record for me. However, I have learned more about myself and others around me from quitting these two jobs. I know what I want, and more importantly I know what I don't want.

I think that 2009 has been such a year of growth for me, more than maybe I even wanted. It's interesting to me how certain times of sadness or betrayal can bring you closer to yourself and friends than any other time. Wouldn't it be nice if everything was sunshine and rainbows and we learned the most about ourselves and learned who our true friends were by baking cookies and playing with puppies? Unfortunately, that is far from the case. I just happen to be blessed with an amazing family and friends who are there with me during the highs and are holding my hand through the lows.

Through my highs and lows of 2009, I have decided that lying is the worst thing that ANYONE can do. I believe that every form of evil stems from some sort of lie. A murder is a lie that someone has told themself that they have the right to take someone's life. A thief is someone who has lied to themself in a way which makes them believe they have the right to own anyone's property. Lying to someone is the quickest way to disrespect yourself as well as the person you are lying to. It takes the lowest of cowards to mold a lie, while the bravest of creatures uphold the truth. If you make lying your lifestyle, then you are the lowest form of life(if you can even call yourself living). You have no moral compass and no path with which to take towards success. You have no true friends and no hope of love in the future or a life of real meaning. Even if the truth hurts, it's far better than a lie. I'll take the brutal truth over a syrupy sweet lie anyday. Pardon my french, but kharma is a bitch...and she'll getcha everytime. So watch out liars-you're day will come!