Monday, January 18, 2010

Life, Love and the Pursuit of Happiness...

There are times in every individual's life where the question is asked "who am I"?. If we are fortunate enough to take the time to dwell on this question and take serious time for introspection, we may be able to tap the surface of that deep rooted question. I guess at the beginning of a new year, one attempts to make goals and "resolutions" for themselves. Usually, we make grandiose goals that have already been forgotten and failed by the the beginning of February. My goal this year is to really learn more about me. Maybe that's selfish and even odd, but it is what it is.

In the past couple months I've really re-kindled my relationship with myself. Doing things that I truly love to do. Being around people that I love to be around. Listening to music that I enjoy and learn from. And really molding myself into a woman that I am very proud of. I have my quirks and I have my idiosyncrises that others may look at and find odd, but it's what I love the most about myself.

I've gone through so many changes and dealt with so much intensity in the past couple years, I think I'm finally finding out who I really am and where I go from here. I've decided that I have an old soul. There are so many things that I surprise myself with in being more traditional than I ever thought I would be. And at the same time, there are days when I look in the mirror and think "who is this hippie that has taken over my body and my brain?" I have such a deep passion and intense love for so many things. I'm hoping in this upcoming year to really explore more of those. My heart aches and breaks for Pit Bulls. I love them more and more everyday and with each new precious pittie that I meet. I urge any one who has ill feelings towards that breed, to look past what the media and ignorance has been force-feeding us about Pit Bulls for so many years. If you look in any Dog Encyclopedia or Breed book. You'll see that Pit Bulls are often referred to as "nanny dogs" because of how good they are with children and families. Not the viscous stereotype that so many people cling to huh? Know your facts before you pass judgement on any animal...or person for that matter.

With all of the world looking at Haiti right now, my heart absolute craves going back to Haiti. I think about it night and day. I think of the faces that I've seen, the hands that I've held and the lives that have touched me far more than I'm sure I touched them. I think of every child and wonder if they're safe? I wonder if they're family is safe? or how many of them have been orphaned? or whose parents are now without children? It almost scares me when I think of how much money is being raised right now for Haiti and wonder if the government will really even know what to do with it? Will the people of Haiti yet again, rise up against the government when it doesn't know how to appropriately disperse money and help? What truly is the best way to help Haiti right now in it's hour of crisis? And how unaware are most people seeing this tragedy, that Haiti is forever in a state of crisis? A country who dedicates itself to Satan every year, will surely come up short on it's share of blessings.

Well, that's just about enough of my ranting, raving and jambalaya of thoughts. I'm starting a Beth Moore Bible study tomorrow, which is a huge step for me personally and spiritually. I'm excited to get things back on track with the Big Guy! Life is good and I'm blessed. Things don't get too much better than that!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So, when you're sick you have time to do lots of things...such as update your blog. Besides sounding like a dog with kennel cough, life is pretty fantastic. As you can see in the above picture, that is the fancy shmancy new facility I get to work at 3 out of my 4 workdays. Apparently Sacramento County built a very expensive ($25 million)facility that they could not afford to staff. This is where the SSPCA comes in and we staff it. Now, Sac SPCA is running 2 spay/neuter clinics. whoopee! And we're officially open to the public this week. Let me tell you how much more exciting my days will be now that we are open to the public and I'm not just sitting by myself in the front office making phone calls and finding things to do with my time.

Slowly, but surely I am starting to get the hang of things at both facilities and I've been really lucky to work with such amazing people. In the past two weeks that I have been sick I have rekindled my love affair with smutty reality television. I don't care how much you want to make fun of "Jersey Shore", I dare you to start watching an episode and change the channel. You won't be able to do it. The far too tan Italians, with their fist pumping, crazy hair and beyond bad taste in members of the opposite sex, is just plain good television. Honestly, with characters named "Snookie" and "The Situation", how can you not love it?

Well I'm off to do something a little more productive with my last day off...reading. Hope all is well and I'll give a better update later!